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Thank you for looking at our exclusive Digital Teardrops designs. Our handpainted family trees come in assorted sizes, colors and layouts. Layouts of each Family Tree Wallhanging are designed and handpainted according to a number of factors including the number of family members and generations, the length of names, and whether or not dates are used. Because of this, the Family Tree wallhanging your receive will not look exactly like the samples below.

Our Family Trees are available in two versions. Children may be placed in either the tree branches or at the base of the tree. Parent names are found on either side of the trunk in both versions. See the samples for further details. All Family Tree Wallhangings are painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and are sealed several times to protect your investment for years of enjoyment.

Customized Choices (top)

  • 11 x 14
  • 16 x 20
  • 24 x 30
  • 48 x 60
  • Wall Mural
  • Photo Wall Mural
  • Moveable Mural
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall


  • Garden Version
  • Tree of Life Version
  • 2 Generation
  • 3 Generation
  • 4 Generation
  • 5 Generation
  • 6 Generation
  • 1st Cousins
  • 2nd Cousins
  • 3rd Cousins
  • Custom
  • Children in Tree
  • Ancestors in Tree
  • Italic Calligraphy
  • Copperplate Script
  • Old English
  • Handwriting
  • Whimsical Dotted Alphabet

Added Elements

  • Birds
  • Bird Nest
  • Bird House
  • Squirrel
  • Butterflies
  • Family pet names
  • Other requests considered--additional charge may apply

Family Tree Wallhanging Samples (top)

2 Generations Fall
2 Generations Spring
2 Generations Winter
3 Generation Spring
3 Generation Fall
4 Generation Summer

4 (1/2) Generation Spring Rosebuds
1st Cousin ExtendaTree

4 Generation Spring
5 Generation Spring

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Garden Version
Tree of Life Version
Photo Mural
Moveable Mural

Pricing (top)

Family Members Included
11 x 14"
16 x 20"
24 x 30"
48 x 60"
  • 2 Parents
  • 1-6 children (7 or more, add $5 each)
  • 4 Grandparents
  • 2 Parents
  • 1-6 children (7 or more, add $5 each)
  • 8 Great-grandparents
  • 4 Grandparents
  • 2 Parents
  • 1-6 children (7 or more, add $5 each)
  • 16 Great-great grandparents
  • 8 Great-grandparents
  • 4 Grandparents
  • 2 Parents
  • 1-6 children (7 or more, add $5 each)
not available
  • 32 Great-great-great grandparents
  • 16 Great-great grandparents
  • 8 Great-grandparents
  • 4 Grandparents
  • 2 Parents
  • 1-6 children (7 or more, add $5 each)
not available
not available

 Specialty Items (top)

Garden Family Tree

Family Tree with nature scene background

Add $50 to price above
Tree of Life
Family Tree

Family Tree based on Lehi's Vision

Add $50 to price above
Family Tree
Photo Murals

Family Tree Murals painted directly on wall so that photos of family members can be hung on the wall for a 3-D effect.

$975 and up
Family Tree
Moveable Murals

Oversized Family Trees painted on unstretched canvas or vinyl--ready for hanging and portable for family reunions and new homes.

$650 and up

ExtendaTree Family Tree (top)

One thing you don't see very often is a Pedigree Chart listing all of the cousins on the same chart. Family Trees usually only have the children of one family at a time. Our ExtendaTree design shows all the cousins of any given generation, such as 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, and so forth. A primer on cousin relationships and how they are removed is also included with your order!

These exclusive ExtendaTree Wallhangings are excellent displays at family reunions for a simple way to show how everyone is related. They also make great birthday and anniversary gifts for grandparents and great-grandparents.

To figure out how this works, take a deep breath and read on!

ExtendaTree Family Tree
Canvas Size
Base Pricing
Example if Each Family Had 3 Children
1st Cousins Tree
All the Children of the 3rd generation
16 x 20"
$195 plus $5 per name

2 Parents, 3 Children, 9 Grandchildren
$195 + (14 names x $5 = $70)= $265

2nd Cousins Tree
All the Children of the 4th generation
24 x 30"
$300 plus $5 per name
2 Parents, 3 Children, 9 Grandchildren, 27 Great-grandchildren
$300 + (41 names x $5 = $205)= $505
3rd Cousins Tree
All the Children of the 5th generation
48 x 60"
$850 plus $5 per name
2 Parents, 3 Children, 9 Grandchildren, 27 Great-grandchildren, 81 Great-great-grandchildren
$850 + (122 names x $5 = $610)= $1460
Additional Generations
Custom Ordered
Unstretched Canvas
Per Quote

First Cousin ExtendaTrees may include cousins from one parent's family or both parents' families.

Mom or Dad only: That parent would be in the tree with all of his or her siblings and their children. That parent's father and mother would be on each side of the trunk.

Both Mom and Dad: Dad's parents would be on one side of the trunk and Mom's parents would be on the other. The tree would be separated into two halves. Dad and all of his siblings would be on his parents' side and Mom and all of her siblings would be on her parents' side. The children of Dad, Mom, and all of their siblings would then be placed by the proper parents.

For second cousins and beyond only one side of the family is done at a time. This works well because most family reunions usually include only Mom's side or Dad's side. It is possible to do both sides on the same family tree, but there will be an extra fee for layout and design, and a wig for the designer after she pulls out her hair trying to place everyone!

Family Tree Ordering Information (top)

Information may be typed into the Order Form or a GEDCOM file may be sent by e-mail.

Families are unique. Special requests for added elements, additional generations, or different layouts are welcome. Design fees may apply.

Delivery time runs approximately 4-5 weeks. Rush orders will be considered on an individual basis and a 25% surcharge will be added to the total. Order early for Mother's Day and Christmas!!

There are many factors that influence the price of your personalized Family Tree Wallhanging. Once we receive your information, we will calculate the total with the price of shipping and send you an invoice from Paypal. You may pay with either a debit or credit card. We also accept money orders and cashier's checks. Contact us with questions or comments at

We will place you on our schedule once your payment is received and successfully processed.

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